How many albums may I have in my collection?

At the moment the limit is 2500.

Can I delete the default tags or create my own tags and categories?

Yes! Syft-Vinyl is designed to be completely customizable.

Howabout for instruments?

Yes those too!

In Suggestions, how is Something New chosen?

An album is chosen at random that has been added to the collection in the last 90 days.

In Suggestions, how is Most Forgotten chosen?

The album with the highest Forgotten score is shown. See below for how the Forgotten score is calculated

In Suggestions, how is Most Undertagged chosen?

An album with the least number of tags in the collection is shown.

In Suggestions, how is Similar to Today/Different from Today chosen?

Syft looks at all of the listens in the last 8 hours and calculates weighted tag representation from that session. It finds another album that is most similar or different from that list.

In Activities, what does the compare album do?

It displays two albums that you have rated the same score. Whichever you choose as superior has its rating bumped up by 0.1. The other album is bumped down in rating by 0.1.

In Activities, what does the compare tag do?

It displays two albums that have a given tag at the same score. Whichever you choose has that tag score bumped up by 1. The other album is bumped down in score by 1.

In Trivia, how does the score work?

Every question you get right gives you 1 point. Every time you answer incorrectly your score is cut in half rounded down. If you leave activities your score is reset.

In Activities, what's the point of trivia?

It's just for fun! Whatever you like! Highest score gets to pick the next album?

In Dictionary, what does the 'Spectrum' checkbox do?

Tags that have Spectrum checked will show up in Activities to compare. Those that are unchecked will not show up for a comparison. This is to keep unuseful comparisons like 'Which album is more at 45 RPM' from showing up.

In Dictionary, what is the 'Prefix' for?

This is the text that will follow the text 'Which album' for comparisons in the Activities section. ex for 'Which album is Blusier' the prefix is 'is Blusier'.

In Dictionary, what does the 'Similar Relevant' checkbox do?

Tags that have Similar Relevant checked will be considered when calculating whether albums are similar to each other. Tags that are unchecked will be ignored for comparisons. ex. This is to prevent the algorithm from using the '2 Records' tag to identify a similarity, as 2 records probably isn't important to the user when identifying similarity.

What does 'recalculate' do in settings?

It goes through all of the meta tags listed in the settings page and automatically assigns them based on the criteria set for each tag.

How often may I recalculate?

You are allowed to recalculate Meta Tags once every 24 hours.

Do I need to wait for 'recalculate' to complete before leaving the settings page?

No you can feel free to navigate away from the settings page if you like. The calculation will complete in the background.

How are Bold/Mild calculated?

An album's Bold/Mild score is the sum of all of the tag scores divided by the total number of tags.

Where can I see an album's tag scores?

On an album's page, in the Tags section, select 'Manage Tags' and all of the currently applied tags and their scores are displayed. Update their values 1-5!

How are Instrument-Diverse/Instrument-Uniform calculated?

An album's Instrument-Diverse/Instrument-Uniform score is the number of kinds of instruments set to the album.

How is Unique calculated?

An album's Unique score is equal to the average collection frequency of the tags assigned to that album.

How are Concensus/Discord calculated?

An album's Consensus/Discord score is equal to the standard deviation between all ratings on that album. These tags are only relevant for collections with multiple users.

How is Forgotten calculated?

An album's Forgotten score is a value determined using the number of days since an album was last played and the album's averall rating. The higher the rating, the quicker the album becomes forgotten. The forgotten score for a 5 star album not played in 100 days is equal to the score of a 2 star album that hasn't been played in 250 days.

How are Frequent/Infrequent calculated?

An album's Frequent/Infrequent score is equal to the total plays divided by the number of days in the collection. Albums qualify for this tag only after they have been in the collection for at least one year.